Shinano Sanders

Shinano SI 2700L 10mm X 460mm Belt sander

Shinano SI2700L 10mm X 460mm Belt sander

• Head rotates 120 degrees for operating convenience.
• Variable speed throttle for positive control.
• Best for light grinding, sanding and deburring.
• 10mm sanding belt
• Quick and easy belt change
• Adjustable arm angle

Belt Size – 13 x 460mm
Free Speed – 15,000rpm
Adjustable arm angle
Weight – 0.9kg
Noise Level – 90dBA
Vibration level – <2.5 m/s2
Avg Air Consumption – 3.3cfm

Price: $427.90

Note GST included : Tax(10%)

SI 2700L
1200 grams